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Common Dental Emergencies

Soft Tissue Injuries
Broken or Chipped Teeth
Object Stuck in Teeth
Abscess Tooth

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Emergency Dental Care in Jersey City, NJ

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency in Jersey City and need help finding an emergency dentist, you’re in the right place. We’ve been where you are numerous times, which is why we’ve put together our 24-hour emergency dentist referral network. We are available 24/7 and can help get your appointment scheduled quickly, just call our number.

What to Bring to Your Emergency Dental Appointment

Emergency dental offices are similar to regular dental offices and you should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment. This will give you time to fill out any necessary paperwork and ask any last minute questions.

It’s also a good idea to gather any recent dental records and bring them to your appointment. This will help your emergency dentist decide on the best care for you.

Before you leave for your appointment, calling ahead to see whether or not your insurance if you have any, will be accepted is a good idea. If your insurance is not accepted, or you don’t currently have any insurance, find out how much the procedure will cost, or a ballpark price.

If you are currently taking any medications or have allergies, make sure that you make a list of them. It’s very important that your emergency dentist knows about these categories to ensure that nothing they use, such as a local anesthetic, will cause a reaction.

Emergency dentists want you to be just as comfortable as your regular dentist. If you have any anxieties, which are extremely common, by the way, make sure you make them known to him or her. Their team will never do anything you’re uncomfortable with, so there is no need to worry on your part.

Same Day Denture Repair in Jersey City

Finding emergency denture repair in Jersey City no longer has to be difficult. We’ve eliminated the need for multiple appointments and the struggle involved with getting your dentures fixed. Because we now have emergency dentists who work alongside denture lab technicians to our emergency network, you don’t need to have us book multiple appointments for you. You can have your dentures repaired or be fitted for new ones all during the same, single appointment.

Common 24-hour Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies happen often and are more common than you may think. Unfortunately, they occur most often when regular dentists have closed up shop and are not available. It’s important that you find help quick as many emergencies are time sensitive and can progress quickly. Here are some common emergencies that people face:

Tooth Abscess

An oral abscess does not look or feel all that pretty, though thankfully they are easy to spot. If you see anything in your mouth that resembles acne, and is accompanied by pain, you most likely have an abscessed tooth.

Unfortunately, oral abscesses, as we mentioned, are life-threatening and a time-sensitive issue. Like with any other bodily infection, your chances of blood poisoning are very high. If the infection is left untreated long enough, you’re no doubt going to face oral damage and a blood infection that may kill you.

Lost Crowns and Fillings

It can be alarming to find that you’ve lost one of your crowns or fillings but don’t panic. If you can, try to find the missing filling or crown and then rinse it carefully.
Then, you should cover the open tooth with dental cement or gauze until your emergency dental appointment. Left uncovered the tooth can suffer from irreversible damage making treatment more difficult.

Emergency Tooth Extraction

Emergency tooth extractions are one of the most common dental emergencies that emergency dentists in Jersey City face on a daily basis. Even though your emergency dentist will do everything they possibly can to try and not have to pull a tooth, sometimes doing so is the only solution to the problem you’re facing.

The process of extracting a tooth is actually simple. Once that area of your mouth is completely numb to ensure that you can’t feel anything, your dentist will cut away the bone tissue after going into the gums. This is where the tooth is covered and you’re unable to see it. From there, using a pair of forceps, your dentist will grasp the tooth, gently rock it to loosen it from the ligaments and jaw bone, and it should pop right out. If it doesn’t, your dentist will break the tooth up and remove it in fragments.

Once your tooth extraction is completed, your dentist will give you all the information you’ll need to make sure that you’re taking proper care of the extraction site will you’re at home. If you follow his or her instructions to the letter, your healing time should be as minimal as possible.

Emergency Room or Emergency Dentist

Emergency rooms at local hospitals are generally not equipped to deal with every dental emergency that occurs, especially when it comes to saving your teeth. Emergency dentists, however, are fully equipped to deal with every type of oral emergency you could throw their way.
If you’ve had any head trauma, an emergency dentist will not be able to treat you and you need to visit an emergency room immediately.