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24/7 Emergency Dentist Nashville

24/7 Emergency Dentist Nashville

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Common Dental Emergencies

Soft Tissue Injuries
Broken or Chipped Teeth
Object Stuck in Teeth
Abscess Tooth

24/7 Emergency Dentist Nashville

Emergency Dentist Nashville 24/7

Trying to track down an emergency dentist in Nashville isn’t always an easy task, especially if you’re trying to book an appointment online in the middle of the night. There are only so many times you can search “Nashville emergency dentist” before you realize you’re not going to get the immediate help you need on your own, especially if you’re in pain. We understand how frustrated and hopeless you’re probably feeling right now.

Because waiting for a regular dentist to open, which is never easy once the pain really starts to set in, isn’t always an option, we’ve created our 24-hour emergency dentist Nashville referral network. Don’t wait for your dental emergency to get any worse, call us at (855)-352-6790 for immediate help as soon as you need it.

Nashville Emergency Dentist Appointment

What You Need to Bring With You to Your Nashville Emergency Dentist Appointment

We strongly suggest that you go around your home and collect the items and information we’re about to go through with you while you wait for us to call you back to discuss the details of your future emergency dentist appointment.

Start by making sure you have an acceptable piece of personal identification, such as your driver’s license, ready to go on the day of your appointment. If you’ve been to see your regular dentist within the past couple of months and came home with any sort of documentation or paperwork, you should definitely dig anything you came home with out and have it all ready for your appointment.

Making a list of the medications you’re currently taking and any known allergies you are aware of to give to the emergency dentist and their team will help them more than you know. Important information like this guarantees that they won’t give you anything that will cause a negative reaction to your medication or cause you to have an allergic reaction.

By now you should have the details of your appointment, given to you when we called you back. Now that you have the emergency dentist’s phone number, we suggest calling their office ahead of time to find out if your dental coverage is accepted. If they don’t accept your current coverage from your insurance provider, asking roughly how much your upcoming appointment will cost you is the best way to avoid surprises if/when it comes time to pay at the end.

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early so you have some extra time to fill out any paperwork they may have for you. This is also a good time to ask any questions and address any concerns you may have.

Don’t be afraid to speak up if you have anxiety or a general fear over visiting the dentist. It’s best the emergency dentist and their team know if you’re uneasy so they can make sure they keep you comfortable for the duration of your appointment.

Same Day Denture Repair in Nashville

If your dental emergency involves emergency denture repair in Nashville, we’ve got you covered for that, too. A number of the emergency dentists in our network work with denture lab technicians, which means same day denture repair in Nashville is now available through us.

Whether your current set of dentures are in need of some repairs or you need to be fitted for a completely new set, we can have whatever you need done for you on the same day you come in.

The Most Common Dental Emergencies Seen by Emergency Dentists

Emergency dentists see and treat a lot of different problems each day. Being able to identify what you’re going through can actually help you deal with your dental emergency while we work on getting you in to see an emergency dentist in Nashville as soon as possible.

Though dental emergencies always seem to happen at the worst possible times, there are ways you can help yourself and possibly better your situation.

Keep in mind, however, that no matter what you may be going through at the time, all traumatic injuries to your head need to be dealt with before anything else. This includes dental emergencies.

knocked out tooth in nashville

Teeth That Have Been Knocked Out or Lost

Having a tooth knocked out, or lost, in general, can be a stressful, scary situation, but don’t panic just yet. Once you’re completely sure that you’ve taken no other forms of trauma to the head, you need to try and find the tooth in question.

Make sure you don’t cause any damage to the tooth through picking it up by the root. Pick it up by the crown, rinse it off with some water and soon as you can, and then decide which preservation method you’re going to use to keep that tooth safe until you’re able to get to the appointment we’ve booked for you.

The best way to preserve a knocked out or lost tooth is to put it back into the empty socket. If this isn’t possible, be it because you’re not comfortable with doing so or the socket is damaged, you can also keep it preserved in a cup of water or milk.

abscessed tooth and oral infections nashville

Abscessed Teeth and Oral Infections

Oral infections are a dental emergency that should never be taken lightly or ignored. Just like an infection anywhere else in your body, they can cause a serious blood infection and, if left untreated, eventually death.

Most patients don’t usually figure out they have an abscessed tooth or an oral infection, in general, until they’re already in pain, but there are ways you can prevent one from developing any further.

Using a compact or a small mirror, you might also need a flashlight or a penlight, look around your mouth and check your gums for anything that looks something like a pimple or a swollen, red bump. You can also prevent an abscessed tooth from forming by getting any chips along the gum line fixed as soon as possible.

If you think, even for just a second, that you’ve developed an oral infection, call us immediately. They are both a time-sensitive and a life-threatening dental emergency that causes major destruction to your oral health and, eventually, your bodily health. They start in the roots of your teeth, go through the soft tissues of the mouth, and then spread wherever else they can, including your bloodstream.

lost crown or filling nashville

Dealing With a Lost Crown or a List Filling

If you’ve lost a crown or a filling, you need to act fast. Crowns and fillings are put in place to preserve, protect, and restore a tooth, to begin with. Leaving the tooth exposed and open is the best way to lose it.

Unless you keep the tooth protected until we can get you to your appointment, you run the risk of needing an emergency tooth extraction instead of the emergency dentist being able to recap or refill the tooth.

You will need to get some dental cement, small pieces of gauze, or a couple of cotton balls. Dental cement is your best bet, especially if there is a deep hole caused by a cavity or some other form of damage, but using pieces of gauze or cotton balls will also work. Just remember to always keep the tooth protected and covered until you see the emergency dentist.

emergency tooth extraction nashville

Requiring an Emergency Tooth Extraction

Being told or knowing that you’ll be facing an emergency tooth extraction soon never an easy thing to deal with. You may be fearful of what will happen during the procedure. With this in mind, it’s important that you prepare yourself for the procedure by knowing what to expect. Trust us, you’ll feel a lot better once you know.

The emergency dentist will begin the procedure by numbing the extraction site and making sure you can’t feel a thing before moving onto the next step, which is making a couple of incisions to help with loosening the tooth up. Finally, the tooth will be extracted using a set of dental pliers that aren’t as scary as they sound or look. The emergency dentist will need to break the tooth up gently into smaller pieces if the tooth isn’t loose enough to pop out on its own, though.

Once you’ve had a couple of minutes to relax after the procedure is completed, the emergency dentist will sit down with you to go over aftercare instructions. You will need to follow their instructions at home to keep the site clean, minimize the amount of time it takes for it to heal, and to avoid infection.

emergency room vs emergency dentists nashville

Needing an Emergency Room Doctor vs An Emergency Dentist

There are certain situations and accidents that require you to determine whether you need a trip to your local emergency room or an appointment with an emergency dentist in Nashville, which we will book for you. A prime example of this would be a car accident, for example.

Emergency room doctors can’t save your teeth, but they can treat major and minor bodily injuries, fully help you manage your pain levels, and, more importantly, treat any head trauma you may have sustained.

Emergency dentists, on the other hand, are not able to treat head trauma, but they can save your teeth, treat any oral injuries, and help minimally when it comes to managing your pain.