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Common Dental Emergencies

Soft Tissue Injuries
Broken or Chipped Teeth
Object Stuck in Teeth
Abscess Tooth

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Milwaukee Emergency Dentist

If a painful dental emergency has brought you to this page, you’re in the right place to get help from an emergency dentist in Milwaukee. We’ve helped patients just like you seek help from a Milwaukee emergency dentist using our 24-hour emergency dentist referral network. Don’t wait any longer than you have to, call us right now at (855)-352-6790 for an appointment.

What You’ll Need for Your Emergency Dentist Appointment

what you'll need for your emergency dentist appointment milwaukee

Even though you probably want to rush off to your appointment right away to get help for the pain, you need to make sure you have everything you need first.

Listed below is everything you’ll need for your emergency dentist appointment:

  1. Any documentation, forms, detailed receipts, whatever you can find from a recent, regular dental appointment
  2. A list of your known allergies and regular, current medications
  3. Insurance information needed to make and file an insurance claim

Remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early for your appointment to give yourself enough time to fill out any paperwork, and don’t be scared to let the emergency dentist and their team know if you have any concerns or a general fear of the dentist.

Common Dental Emergencies Patients Face

common dental emergencies patients in milwaukee

The majority of dental emergencies are caused by underlying, untreated oral health problems, while others make themselves known as soon as they occur.

Oral infections, lost fillings and crowns, severe toothaches, loose braces, and injuries to the soft and/or hard tissues of the mouth are all the most common dental emergencies patients face on a daily basis.

However, no matter what you’re going through, any sustained head trauma that occurred for whatever reason must be taken care of before any oral health emergency.

Losing an Adult Tooth

losing an adult tooth milwaukee

Losing an adult tooth can be a very scary situation, but you need to make sure a lost tooth is your only problem. If you received head trauma from whatever happened, make sure that’s treated first.

Next, try and locate the tooth. If you’re successful in finding it, pick the tooth up by the crown, gently rinse it off with some water, and make an attempt to temporarily stick it back in the socket yourself.

If you’re unable to do so, you can also stick it in a cup of either milk or water. It’s not the best way to preserve a lost tooth compared to temporarily putting it in the socket yourself, but it’ll do the trick just fine.

Having an Oral Infection

If you see a red bump, something that resembles a pimple, or have a severe toothache, you need to call us immediately. Chances are, you are dealing with an oral infection, which get very dangerous at a serious rate.

Oral infections grow and fester just as a bodily infection does. Should it reach your bloodstream, you could suffer from blood poisoning and, if left untreated, potentially die.

Oral infections don’t typically make themselves known until the searing pain begins. However, if you know what to look for, you can spot one before your mouth is ravaged.

Losing a Crown or a Filling

losing a crown or filling milwaukee

Crowns and fillings don’t come with a lifetime guarantee. Unfortunately, age and damage can cause them to fall out, but that doesn’t mean you can just say “oh well” and move on if one of yours done. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, you need to act swiftly.

Take a trip to your local drug store and buy dental cement, cotton balls, or even a some gauze to cut up into small pieces. The hole must be covered at all times until you can get to the appointment we’ve booked for you.

If the tooth is open and exposed, you could cause irreversible damage and destroy the tooth.

How Emergency Tooth Extractions Work

emergency tooth extraction milwaukee

The best way to be prepared to have an emergency tooth extraction done is to know how the process goes and what will happen.

Once the numbing agent has worked to ensure you won’t feel any pain, just some pressure, the emergency dentist will use a set of dental pliers to remove the tooth either whole or by breaking it up.

Once it’s removed, he or she will then go over aftercare instructions that you will need to follow at home. You must follow their instructions correctly or you risk the extraction site developing an infection.

Same Day Denture Repair in Milwaukee

We’ve made it easy for patients to get an appointment for same day denture repair in Milwaukee and emergency denture repair Milwaukee. Thanks to the denture lab technicians who work with emergency dentists in our network, we can help patients get their broken dentures fixed or have a fitting done for a new set in a single appointment, all on the same day.

First Choice – Emergency Dentist vs Emergency Room


Going through any type of emergency, be it orally, bodily, or even both, can be a stressful, scary experience. However, you must make sure you know where to go first.

Emergency dentists are able to save your teeth and help with your pain to a certain degree depending who they have on staff at the time, but they cannot treat your head trauma and major physical injuries.

Emergency room doctors can treat your head trauma, help with your pain fully, and can treat your major physical injuries, but they cannot treat your oral injuries or save your teeth. Some emergency rooms have emergency dentists on staff, but this is a very rare occurrence.

Remember, head trauma always comes first, no matter what.