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Emergency Dentist Boston, MA

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A lot of people are constantly on the hunt for a Boston emergency dentist to make an appointment with. Unfortunately, because Boston, MA has quite a large population, finding an emergency dentist to make an appointment with isn’t always so easily done. With this in mind, we’ve created our 24-hour emergency dental referral service to help anyone who needs an emergency appointment booked in their name.

Our resources consist of a number of partnerships with local Boston emergency dentists, which allow us to book appointments and have them ready to go in our client’s name in as little as 24 hours flat. For more information or to have an appointment booked for you, give us a call today at (855)-352-6790!

Emergency Dentist Boston, MA

Emergency Dental Service Boston

Dentists: Various Dental Practices
Hours: 24 Hours a day

Call our dental referral service to see an urgent care dentist right away.

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What to Bring to Your Visit

Aside from anything your emergency dentist has asked you to bring, you must remember to bring your personal identification and your insurance information, if you have insurance.

Otherwise, we will let you know exactly what you will need to bring when you call us and we book an appointment in your name for you. Always remember to double check that you have everything that you need before you leave for your appointment to ensure that everything moves smoothly.

Same Day Denture Repair in Boston

Emergency denture repair in Boston, has that ever been a thing that’s easy to track down? Because patients struggle in finding same day denture repair in Boston, we’ve added emergency dentists to our 24-hour referral network who work closely with denture lab technicians. This means that, should your dentures be beyond repair and you need an entirely new set, we can have you fitted right on the spot. Don’t hesistate to give us a call to have your dentures restored to what they were on the first day you got them!

How to Know if it’s a Dental Emergency

Sometimes it can be difficult to know for sure whether or not what you’re dealing with is classified as a dental emergency. It’s important to know that your oral distress isn’t something that you should ever downplay, considering that your oral health leads to the rest of your body’s health.

If you are experiencing oral pain, have been battling back and forth with an infection, have had a tooth come out within a short period of time, or have any other form of oral distress, we suggest that you call us immediately.

For all other emergencies, such as a wound in your mouth that you can’t stop the bleeding of, we highly recommend that you seek immediate medical attention and call 911.

24-Hour Boston Emergency Dentists

Please keep in mind, however, that are are not medical professionals. We are simply a referral service for patients to connect with emergency dentists in their local Boston area. We cannot give sound medical advice.