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Emergency Dentist Austin TX

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Emergency Dental Hours

Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours

Common Dental Emergencies

Soft Tissue Injuries
Broken or Chipped Teeth
Object Stuck in Teeth
Abscess Tooth

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Emergency Dentist Austin TX

If you’re currently suffering from a dental emergency and are seeking care in Austin, Texas we can get you the help you need. With our vast network of emergency dentists, which includes regular dentists that operate during daytime hours, we can have an appointment booked for you in as little as 24 hours. Call us immediately at 1 (855) 352-6790 don’t wait for regular office hours.

Preparing for Your Austin Emergency Dental Appointment

Emergency Dentist Austin TX
Emergency dentists operate slightly different than a regular dentist, but you will still need to come and fill out basic paperwork. It’s a good idea to show up to your appointment around 15 minutes early to give yourself enough time to complete it.

Along with this, be sure to call ahead and confirm whether or not your insurance is accepted. If your insurance is accepted, bring the information you need to make and process your claim. If they don’t you will want to ask for an estimated cost of your appointment and work out payment details.

As your preparing for your appointment, try an find and recent paperwork from your most recent dental appointment. This can include a copy of your patient profile, dental x-rays, or a payment receipt that outlines the treatment you had done.

Let your emergency dentist know about any medications you’re currently taking or if you are allergic to any medication. It’s important for the emergency dentist and their team to have this information so they don’t use anything that will cause you to have a reaction.

A lot of patients have difficulty visiting the dentist on a regular basis because of nerves and anxieties. This is normal, but be sure to let your emergency dentist know this so they can work to make your visit as comfortable as possible.

Same Day Denture Repair in Austin

Many people in Austin have searched for emergency or same day denture repair. Luckily, we’ve added emergency dentists who work directly with lab technicians to our referral network. Now patients can have us book an appointment for them and have repairs made on their dentures the same day they visit an emergency dentist. They can also have an entirely new set of dentures fitted.

Finding a Saturday dentist doesn’t have to be hard, we can help!

4 Most Common Dental Emergencies

Most Common Dental Emergencies
Dental emergencies never come at convenient times, like in the middle of the night or in the midst of your Austin weekend. Thankfully, our network will assure that you don’t have to wait long to receive the care you need.

There are some common dental emergencies that you may experience. These include losing a tooth, developing an oral infection, losing a filling or a crown, or having an emergency tooth extraction.

Lost Tooth

Losing an adult, permanent tooth can be stressful. If this happens to you, make sure to pick the tooth up only by the crown. Picking the tooth up by the root and damage it permanently making it impossible for the emergency dentists to implant it back into the socket.

Before your emergency dental appointment, you can try to stick the tooth back into place. This is a great way to try and preserve the tooth. You can also put the tooth in a cup of water or milk, which is the next best thing.

Oral infections

Oral infections Austin tx
An oral infection, or a tooth abscess, is one of the most destructive dental emergencies. Patients often don’t realize they are suffering from an oral infection until it has gone horribly downhill. You may begin to experience symptoms that are similar to the flu such as severe pain and high fevers.

An abscess thrives when a tooth has been chipped badly, near the gum line. It creates an opening for them to move into. Sometimes they are quite noticeable. If you see anything in your mouth that resembles a pimple, call us immediately.

These infections should never be pushed to the last minute and can lead to more serious situations.

Lost Filling or Crown

You may be surprised to notice you’ve lost a filling or crown. These can destroy your tooth if not treated soon. If you’ve noticed you’ve lost one or the other, find some dental cement or gauze. Cover the whole the best you can until you get to your appointment.

Leaving the tooth open can cause food and other debris to get stuck, causing your nerves to be potentially damaged. If there is damage beyond repair, the emergency dentist will have to remove the tooth entirely.

Emergency tooth extraction

Having an emergency tooth extraction can be incredibly overwhelming, but your emergency dentist in Austin will do their best to avoid having to do this.

If they must remove the tooth they will begin the procedure by numbing your mouth completely to make sure no pain is felt, just slight pressure.

Next, they will rock the tooth back and forth with dental pliers to loosen it. If it is being difficult, the tooth will be broken into smaller pieces and removed this way.

Before you leave, the emergency dentists will give you instructions for once you get home. Follow these closely to avoid infection and assure the healing process goes quickly and smoothly.

Emergency Doctor vs. Emergency Dentist

Emergency Dentist Austin Crestview
Emergency doctors working out of hospital emergency rooms will be able to manage your pain, deal with your injuries, trauma, and some oral emergencies such as excessive bleeding in your mouth.

However, they cannot save your teeth. Some emergency rooms will have an emergency dentist on call, but this is rare.

Emergency dentists in Austin will be able to save your teeth and treat minor to moderate soft-tissue injuries. Unfortunately, they will not be able to help with trauma, such as head trauma or major injuries.

These two are very different, so knowing where to go first is important. If you’ve endured any type of head trauma and a few lost teeth, head to the emergency room. In the meantime, we will schedule you an appointment with an emergency dentist.

Have a questions or want more information about the network? Please contact us.