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About Emergency Dentist 24/7

Our Mission

The mission of all Emergency Dentist offices is to provide immediate relief to those suffering from toothache pain. All Emergency Dentist offices are available to see patients 6 days a week, with some available on Sunday and holidays.

We Recognize The Need

Dental pain can bring you to your knees at any given time. Yet there is no “emergency room” for a toothache. We recognized that was a problem — so we solved it.

We are an Emergency Dental Service that has been relieving toothaches all over the 50 United States for many years. Our extensive network of independently owned dental offices have agreed to see patients on short notice, usually within 24 hours of a telephone call. Most offices are open 6 days a week many offices will see an emergency patient after normal business hours, weekends and holidays. Payment is expected at the time of treatment, no deferred billing arrangements are available.

Our Founders

Emergency Dentist 24/7™ is headed by Dr. Parris, past chairman of the Department of Endodontics at Temple University’s School of Dentistry in Philadelphia. Parris was an active member of the school’s faculty for more than 20 years and is credited with having taught Endodontics (root canal treatment) to more of that city’s dentists than any other professor in this specialty. Many of his graduates are now teaching at other dental schools.

During his many years in practice, Dr. Parris developed sophisticated pain control techniques. These procedures are effective and successful in helping the patient receive necessary dental attention with a minimum of discomfort and inconvenience. He has helped make root canal treatment an important part of every dentist’s general practice.

Caral Firestone and Leonard Parris, DMD recognized a need for emergency dental treatment that simply wasn’t being met.

We all know toothache pain can be unbearable, yet there is little hope of finding the care you need outside the hours of 9 to 5, Monday through Friday. Just try getting a dentist on the phone, let alone having them agree to see you on a weekend or evening! Your dentist sleeps while your pain rages on!

Leonard and Caral decided to help those very patients in need of immediate relief by making the office of Doctor Parris available all day everyday. They called it Emergency Dentist 24/7. The rest is history!